The two vectors of Spirit. There are two separate mechanisms which result in the definition of a type of energy-field called “spirit”.

These two different mechanisms are opposite vectors. One is placed down from above, and the other arising from below :

1) Spirit-placed-by-Real-i (not to scale).

If Real-i is connected to a body, it places 3 spherical Magick-plane energy-fields (spirit bodies). These (as definitions) are placed down into the Physical-universe by Real-i from senior to the Physical-universe.

Although the current spirit-bodies used in the Physical-universe are formed of Magick-plane energy-fields, Real-i originally used Spirit to project the Real-i’s presence into the universe below the Fall from the infinite-life-universe.

These Spirit-bodies are not the Real-i itself (the real-i could be referred to as “that which places Spirit”). They are centered on the belly-level.

The spirit-bodies placed by Real-i are not illustrated to scale. The smallest one is typically 40 meters in diameter, the next one might be typically up to about thirty miles or so in size, and the biggest of the 3 might be planet-size or up to slightly larger than the Physical-universe playing-field (if clean). The three sizes relate to the vibrational-relationships Triad of the Magick-universe-Matrix.

Each has linear connections to Source/Ground both vertically and horizontally (not illustrated).

Each of the Placed-spirit-bodies has a lower-pole too (the upper pole is the one illustrated here). These Spirit-bodies placed by Real-i don’t (usually) decay at the death of the body (unlike the other body-systems), and can last for trillions of years or more, although they might shut down in some ways between lives. In their typical state (which includes certain aberrations), it might not be obvious that they are made of the same thing as Spirit-arising, but if both are cleared enough, it becomes obvious that the two things are placing the same thing: “spirit”, and there will ideally be good contact between Spirit-placed-by-Real-i and Spirit-arising, with both vectors flowing through each.

2) Spirit-arising. This is an energy-field which could also be described as  containing the “energy-personality” of that life-form. It is an energy-field approximately the shape of the torso, and contains what could be called  personality-definitions, including things which can generate emotions, feelings and some urges.

When a body (including animal bodies) dies, the two parts usually left behind at the location where the body died (even if the body is moved later) are the Spirit-arising and the Soul-levels. Both usually decay within a few days, the Soul-levels returning their information downwards to the Morphogenetic-field of all Souls for that species (and other relevant MF’s), and the Spirit-arising dissipating and  splitting in search of locations related to the data (urges etc.) stored within and (usually) ceases to exist as a single thing. Most other energy-bodies usually dissipate naturally unless there is unacceptable trauma to them.

Spirit arises continually at all scales and in all areas of the Physical-universe. It forms “a spirit” (a definition of area of spirit which acts as one thing) due to Morphic-field action (this definition concept also applies to Placed-spirit).

Although some disembodied spirits were formerly part of a body, most never were. All living things, including viruses and bacteria, have a spirit-arising. Non-living things also have spirit-arising.

Spirit can also be used as a general term for various, usually non-defined, things, but can be seen to some extent as an other-pole to soul, spirit being higher in frequency, soul being lower. If one uses the term “spirit” it would be beneficial to define what one is referring to.