Connection with Ori and Eshu.

Ori is also known as “higher-self” and “Spiritus-Sanctus” (i.e. Holy Spirit), but the Ifá tradition defines it most clearly so I’ll use their label.

Note that use of Higher-self can also be seen as an ability which Real-i would have even without a body. For that perspective, see here.

Eshu is the chaos of all possible manifestations simultaneously (instantaneously flipping from one to another), which flows upwards through Lower-self.

If the connection with Ori is present at the high power-level (which it is on less than half the humans on earth currently), then Real-i (that which places spirit) is also present (and Real-i will also make various other connections to the body).

Every particle in the Physical-universe has a connection to Ori, but at a much lower power-level. If this strong connection with Ori is created, then a new Real-i will be formed as well as the additional-body-systems and connections that it uses, plus a strong connection with Eshu will naturally occur to balance the connection with Ori.

Yeshua (later known as “Jesus”) and John-the-Baptist were creating this strong connection with Ori, original Yoga methods (little used currently) present ways to make this strong connection with Ori, and the Ifá processing includes creation (or cleaning and strengthening, if already present) of this connection. The T’ai Chi can also create connection with Ori, but this advanced T’ai Chi knowledge has almost died out on earth at this time. Some of the versions of Chi Kung present on earth at this time can occasionally form the connection with Real-i due to forming new Placed-spirit energy-bodies (which is what they call “mind”).

Intuition is slight contact with Ori. This contact can be cleaned and strengthened to the point of Certainty on Truths about objective (shared) reality (see our Higher-self page for some methods of doing so).

Higher-self (Ori), itself, can be seen as all-spirits, which thus has access to all correct data. Higher-self is also one of the 16 Levels of the infinite-life-universe (see our Universes page for details).

The connection with Ori can be seen as a figure-of-8, with a cross-over point about 30 cm above the head (not illustrated). A negative condition with compression on this location can increase the likelihood of out-of-control harmful actions. The energy-line of the connection can be seen as the upper-pole of an energy-body (with different frequencies of connection at different vertical points along the line), with a lower-pole about 600 meters below the feet.

As well as the connection with Main-Eshu (illustrated), each body also has what could be described as a “personal-Eshu” space, and connections to many other specific Eshus.