The body-systems have an overall controller, centered in the belly area (although it has most of its own structures a few meters lower than that in its own space), which controls various functions of the body.

This controller is in some ways the owner of the physical-body, and has communication-links to most other body-systems. There are also sub-controllers for each part of the meat and bones-body, including all organs and smaller structures and conceptual areas etc. Each of the body-controllers has internal structures which define the condition of the relevant part.

The main controller desires to rise up to being a Real-i, and can be converted to a Real-i by giving it a strong connection to Ori, at around the time of the death of the body that it is currently controlling (some Tibetans do this regularly). A normal death will free the Body-controller so it will partially re-merge with the commonality of Body-controllers for that species, and some time later, find a new body to join.