Using Deep-Clearing to work with your energy-bodies.

Different people use the word “clearing” to mean different things. As used in my websites “Deep Clearing” refers to use of a wide enough range of effective “spiritual” and advanced self-development technologies to make significant changes to the whole range of non-ideals for Real-i, energy-bodies and other relevant parts of reality.

To work effectively with the energy-bodies oneself, one would need to process the Real-i to the point where it has clear and direct awareness of energy-bodies and the ability to change, dis-create and create any of them directly.

Someone who has reached that condition (which is sometimes achievable in a few decades of effective work using the Deep-Clearing approaches we suggest) would not need to learn any theory about the body-systems as they would be able to observe them (and their non-ideals) directly and make changes as desired.

Any learned theoretical system is a poor substitute for real direct observation, as no theory will ever fully match the complex and constantly changing details of reality (also most theories to some extent deviate from the reality they describe, often significantly, as can be seen in many of the spiritual-systems available on earth today).

Deep Clearing works with the Real-i as a “fallen god”, which is the real condition for most humans on earth at this time who have one. Most traditional religious and spiritual systems on earth were designed for human bodies who don’t have a Real-i attached (because there were few Real-i’s on earth during the time they were developed), and many include a method of creating a new Real-i on a human body. A few of them then go on to improve the condition of a newly-formed Real-i, but that is not a good fit with what is needed by a “fallen god”, which is the majority of the Real-i’s on earth at this time.

For my suggestions on learning to use Deep Clearing effectively, see my Suggested Approaches to self-development page. It is necessary to get Real-i in a condition where it has good direct awareness of energy-bodies, and ability and experience with making changes to such things, before it is effective and safe to work with your energy-bodies in general (although some of the systems mentioned here can be used safely with some of the better practitioners).

If you are not sure about your awareness or ability in this area, assistance is available . . . see Spiritual and self-development services (by Chris and Max).