Thoughts-Mind energy-body system.

Thoughts-Mind energy-body system.

The Thoughts-Mind is difficult to illustrate, but is one’s personal copy of Thoughts and similar data, which is kept as a linked-group (typically a few meters wide) in an energy-field above the head, and all typically connected to the Head-brain.

Other structures of the Mind-system as an energy-body include the Action-override, which is behind the back of the head, and if in ideal condition, supports actions by other body-systems, but can often be aberrated and thus suppress action in other body-systems, or even be in a positive-feedback condition of full-on, which can try to enforce 100% over-operation in other body-systems, which can be particularly dangerous for the Kundalini which has less limits than most body-systems.

There is also a structure around the base of the neck which keeps a count of value, and a corresponding part around the throat area which stores a more abstract form of value count, and these would have a blue-ish energy if in good condition.

Thoughts that one thinks are typically drawn from this personal-copy of Thoughts (i.e. Thoughts-Mind), although the originals do exist elsewhere and can be used instead which is preferable, thus one would be able to erase the Thoughts-Mind entirely. (Note that Thoughts (individual datums) are different from thinking (logic etc.)).

The reason why this connection to Thoughts-Mind is less than ideal, is that thoughts (which are symbols, not reality) is a poor substitute for direct awareness of objective (shared) reality, which is possible for some of the Body-systems (including Head-Brain), and for Real-i directly, if in good enough condition. The Action-override can exist in a better condition if the Thoughts-Mind is erased.