The Soul has 3 or 4 parts located around the lower area of the body, and each of those parts has an upper counter-part which can be a varying distance above the lower parts.

The lowest of the Soul-levels is present on every particle in the Physical-universe. The next one up is present on every living being in the Physical-universe. The 3rd one up is present on all higher types of living beings, which on earth corresponds approximately to multi-cellular life-forms. The highest Soul-level is present only if there is a connection with a Real-i on that particular human body.

At the time of writing, slightly less than half the humans on earth have a connection with a Real-i and the other half do not (see the index page for more info on Real-i).

A vertical connecting line connects to symbol-spaces, both above and below. These are mostly symbol-spaces originating in the Magick-universe. One of the functions of the Soul-levels is to store the results of interactions between symbols and the experience of the Soul-levels, and upon death of the body, convey that data to the whole-data-set for the Souls of that type of living being.

The Soul-levels also have horizontal components.

The Soul-levels can work well with the Placed-Spirit if both systems are in good enough condition.

There is another separate energy-body system (not illustrated) which is also a Soul (using the two main definitions of the word from the Akashic-templates where concept definitions are recorded) . . . this is an energy-center about 2.5m below the feet, and connects to the same data-sets that the Soul-levels connect to.