Real-i connections

Just under half the humans on earth also (as well as owning a body) have a real “self” which is far senior to the Physical-universe (and originates senior to all universe).

This Real-i (if present) has connections to various parts of the body-systems :

The “ownership connection” : Real-i connects 2 poles of itself to the body in order to own to the particular human-body (as illustrated to the left) :

The upper-pole typically connects from its source in the middle of the uncaused-creation-universe (although the Real-i is senior to that), down through each universe between there and here, and links as an infinite energy-line into a small energy-field in the middle of the head (typically 1 inch or so in diameter for most humans on earth).

The lower pole connects directly from its source, up through the Sacral-Eshu (at the base of the spine, which connects to 33-Sources in the Magick-universe) which is somewhat like a hole through which the connection passes, up into the inside of an energy-field which defines “me”. This energy-field defines the inside (and thus outside) of a human individual, and is used to own the body.

It is possible to make a much better connections, with the upper pole connected direct from ones presence in the 8Life-universe [1] to the belly area, and the lower pole connected to the Real-i’s presence just outside the Physical-universe Playing-field. At the time of writing, less than 14 people on earth have the connections in this improved condition.

Additional connections of Real-i. (not illustrated)

There is additionally a main Viewpoint of the Real-i in the Physical-universe Playing-field, which is typically a small energy-field located at the center of the head, (or occasionally in another Brain if that is dominant). The precise meaning of “enlightenment” describes what happens if this energy-field in the head is transformed so that it is above death on the scale of created-things, at which point it glows brightly (the experience is like a light-bulb turning on in that location) and is at that point typically slightly bigger than the head in size. There is a further stage of removal of aberrations pertaining to the main-viewpoint, so that it ceases being used as a “self” and becomes used as all beings. This results in a much larger size (typically many meters).

The main-viewpoint can also be in a reversed condition where its inner sphere, on the head location, is dark, and the bright pole is around that. This is the “halo” illustrated on some religious people, although it is usually larger than illustrated.

There is also another connection, which is to an energy-field which can be called the “Real-i Located” which is centered on the upper belly. There is a connection to this direct from Real-i, which appears to have a downward vector (i.e. Real-i is considered to be “above” this energy-field, by the energy-field itself).

Control of the body by the Real-i acts through the back of the head. Real-i also connects to the top of the Identity-space, and to each of the Games-levels. Real-i also connects to Terminal-space which is infinite, centered on the chest area, and is about Beingness etc.

If in very good condition, Real-u also connects in a variety of other ways, such as pervading all the energy-bodies directly (and making changes as desired), connecting to Morphic-fields relevant to the body, from the location just outside the Playing-field, and also controlling Eshu’s etc.

The connections from the Real-i also come with a unique vibrational-signature (formed at the center of the non-caused-creation-universe), which can be converted to a more ideal state of all-possible-vibrational-signatures (contact me for more details about receiving this processing from myself and Max).