This energy-body has a vertical bar and a horizontal bar, both of which will move freely and continually if the system is in good condition. The bars both extend somewhat further than I have illustrated, gradually fading out. The area where the two bars meet links to the space of the Player-games-level, and this has Source connections to positive in the center of the space and the negative to Eshu outside the space.

For the concepts of the Games-levels chess defines the roles correctly, with Player being only outside the game, involved in causing Pieces to move, and having no direct experience of any effects inside the Playing-field (chess-board), and Piece being only inside the game and experiencing the effects of the Playing-field. So together the other body-systems for a human form a Piece. Few humans on earth have any contact with themselves at the Player-games-level (and their Player-space is generally zero-size, and thus inactive).

The cross-shaped formation defines the Player-space as being that of a single Player only. An improved condition (which less than 14 humans on earth currently have) replaces the cross with a multi-point star (which also requires an added protecting-field around the body, which is vital for the safe use of the star-shape), which then defines the Player-space as that of all possible players (i.e. pan-existant, win/win etc.).