Other energy-bodies and connections etc.

Various other energy-bodies and related things :

Connections with Morphogenetic Fields (MF’s).

(Not an energy-body as such. These are not illustrated these as they don’t exist within the Playing-field of any universe).

A Morphogenetic-field (MF) is a group-energy-field, caused by different beings looking at the same thing from different perspectives which adds a new component with properties and behavior which might be different to any of the members.

Since the different body-systems are “looking at each other” that action forms a MF for the whole of the body-systems together. There are also many connections to other MF’s (such as beliefs, family, friends, country, species etc.), as well as due to the body being used as a Piece (i.e. inside the Playing-field) in the Physical-universe game(s). These MF connections mainly link to the other body-systems at a point somewhat below the legs.

Many of the energy-bodies use input from the MF connections. For example the Volition, Decision and Causal systems all take input from the MF connections.

The ideal MF connection would be a connection to the MF of all of the infinite-life-universe which is the “parent” MF to all other possible MF’s (i.e. it is the most senior of all MF’s), and would thus free the body from the limitations of any other specific MF combination (which are part of what forms a “personality”). This ideal condition is present on less than 20 humans on earth currently.

This is a space below and slightly in front of the body, linked to the belly. It contains definitions of the body and its characteristics, and relates to the initial state and origins of the body.

This system consists of 3 pairs of Physical-universe Matrix items. The If√° system works with this.

Connections with ancestors are a significant part of any human body. These can be processed (including new connections being made and unwanted ones erased, as well as changed). Note that these are the ancestors of the body, not the past-lives of the Real-i (which are unrelated to the ancestors of the body).

This body-system is constantly vibrating (if in good condition) and relates to the Transtemporal-area which can be seen as a direct link between Higher-self and Lower-self. It is approximately spherical and slightly larger than the body.

There is a body-system which might be called the “Life-Core” which seems to be the basis around which other body-systems are formed during the developmental-incidents, and which should have connections to infinite-life although most people have it connecting to Survival instead.

The Essence-body seems to be a direct result of the Universe-of-universe-generating-algorithms.

Some people see these as a “body-system”, but they are really a consequence of the power-supply connections (Source/Ground) of all body-systems.

The way things work in the Magick-universe means that any linear connection to Source/Ground (up/down) will cause circular flows where the two flows meet. These circular flows are the Orbits, and are generally horizontal (since most Source/Ground connections are vertical) and one could process the Orbits directly, thus improving the condition of the relevant body-systems. Sickness can be observed as damage to the Orbits, and handled by processing them.