This system has a vertical upward flow from the base of the spine to just below the Solar-plexus which is the Orgone-flow, and a small area at the Solar-plexus.

The orgone-flow is vertical spatially, but can be experienced as tilted forwards conceptually (since it is a flow towards the future).

The Orgone-flow can be seen as the flow of doing of goal-fulfillment (and can also be seen as an erotic energy), and the area at the Solar-plexus can be seen as “courage” if the Orgone-flow is in good condition (if in bad condition, the courage becomes cowardice).

Below those parts, there are a variety of incoming flows of “fire-energy” (which are types of Eshu, illustrated in red) and a solidity up from below to between the ankles.

Above the Solar-plexus is a less well-defined part of the system which approximates to goals-fulfilled.