Non-ideal additions to the body-systems

This page details some of the additions to the body which can cause problems.


Other beings.

Most human bodies have large numbers of other beings attached to the body. There are various types of these, the majority being very small simple beings (each holding a single datum) who are not complex enough to own a body of their own. These small ones can sometimes generate small electric shocks to the other body-systems as well as exaggerating other aberrations.

There are also often a small number of larger beings (Real-i’s who are currently disembodied and attached to someone else’s body due to aberrations) and some beings in a reversed state (i.e. what is “up” to Spirit, is “down” to them, and vice versa), and some which are a spirit joined to a reversed-being.

One common type of unwanted additional being on the body-systems is a fake Body-controller. This can be erased (although it is vital not to erase the real one).

Various processing techniques and some types of energy-work remove various types of these.


Most human bodies have various unwanted energy-beams impinging on various energy-bodies.

Reversals, Blockages, voids, and other problems.

Most humans will have various aberrations such as Reversed-flows, energy-blockages or energy-voids, in most of the energy-bodies. There will also be other forms of aberration, including linkage to negative events, unwanted vibrational-configurations, fixed-datums and other unwanted structures.

Examples of common problems in energy-bodies include fear which is often an inversion of the 3rd chakra (and/or problems with Belly-Brain), and despondency which is often a poor condition of the Lifeforce-Eshu. Another example is a “personality-type”, which can be seen as a set of limitations, which is largely specified by the imbalance between different Brains (one usually dominating).

Reversals make functionality impossible, because they mean that one consistently gets the opposite of ones intentions, or the opposite of what would make sense in a situation. Ignorance of Reversals is the main reason why “positive thinking” (including “The Secret”) etc. will fail for anyone with significant aberrations (i.e. anyone who is Reversed on a particular topic, so the more they do “positive thinking” on that topic, the more NEGATIVES they will receive in that area).

The real cause of about 70% of “clinical insanity” and other “mental” problems is Main-Eshu rising up the body higher than the base of the spine where it should be connected. When Main-Eshu gets as high as the Heart-Brain and another structure in the Solar-plexus that can cause panic-attacks and other problems, and if Main-Eshu gets significant contact with Head-Brain, that is “insanity”, because it creates chaos where there would normally be connection to Thoughts (fixed data somewhat useful to the being).

All the above problems, and any others, can be handled effectively with the best of the self-development and spiritual techniques available on earth at this time.

See my other website for details on how to do that.