This is the initial (unawakened) state.

In this state the Kundalini is a small energy-structure near the base of the spine.

This is the state of the Kundalini for most humans on earth at this time.

Kundalini, “awakened” state.This stage of the Kundalini awakening usually happens from the base of the spine, and usually includes removing energy-problems between the chakras, most often starting with the lower ones.

The result is a bi-directional flow and is related to the flow from one chakra to another, but not the same as that flow between chakras i.e. the Kundalini flow, when partially awakened so that it is a flow just in front of the spine, is a separate flow from the flow between chakras, even though it is related.

When “awakened” more, the Kundalini is contact with an infinite upwards flow of power, at least as wide as the body, which the Kundalini taps into, uses and “communicates” with. This flow is centered half a meter behind the back.

Few humans on earth have this energy-system in this condition. The upward flow of energy that the Kundalini contacts is a sub-set of the flow of infinite-life through the Physical universe.

The action of the Kundalini tapping into this flow creates a localized back-flow in the opposite direction, and the flow of infinite-life itself is really half of a 2-way flow, but the Physical-universe Rules block the downwards flow from being a continual flow within the Physical-universe Playing-field, resulting it being broken up into smaller sections.

The Kundalini in this state can also be used to do other actions, such as placing various different types of energy-fields, which would ideally be done temporarily as wanted.

Final stage.

The energy-structure of a Kundalini in this stage can vary considerably in shape and size but typically has one or more star-shaped parts and often multiple energy-lines between them.

The Kundalini in this state is very awake and aware (as well as being able to create and modify energy directly), and as easy to talk to as a well-educated human. It can provide information and valuable suggestions (that one might not see oneself from other perspectives) about a range of topics relating to energy in general, including how to improve the condition of other energy-bodies as well as other broader topics.

This stage also has contact with all other final-stage Kundalinis (and can get information from them etc.).

There are very few humans on earth currently with the Kundalini in this condition.

When the body dies, the Final-stage Kundalini will become a separate Spirit which continues to exist indefinitely.

Working with the Kundalini.

The chakras around the knee area (and also the set of chakras below each knee, on ankle, foot, and below, which effect the flow of power at the knee chakra) are important for supplying the necessary power for the Kundalini. One significant problem for some Kundalini’s is having the Action-Override part of the Mind-system (see the index of this website for our page on that) in a condition of full-on. This turns on the Kundalini much more than it should be, which often causes significant problems in the other body-systems (when the Kundalini is not in good condition itself), and can even kill the meat-body.

Use of the Shakti energy to awaken the Kundalini (if the real Shakti energy is used) is difficult and can cause serious problems. The other usual method is to handle any non-ideals on the relationships between the Chakras (as well as on each Chakra itself), and this approach is easier and less prone to problems. This is sometimes called the “astral” awakening (though it has little to do with Astral body nor Astral planes).

Common mistakes which cause problems with the Kundalini energy-body is attempting to improve its condition without having enough awareness of all the other energy-bodies. Energy-bodies all effect each other, although some more than others, and attempting to make significant changes to one of them, without handling what that change does to the others, is a bad idea.

Most people attempting to do a “Kundalini awakening”, and attempting to help others to do this, have not done enough effective “spiritual processing” to have good awareness of all the other energy-bodies nor to be able to effectively handle the different types of non-ideals that exist (and most of the spiritual traditions on earth at this time are very small fractions of the original systems), hence people doing things this way often get negative results such as decreased health for long periods or even death.