Improvements and desired additions to the body-systems.


For nearly everyone on earth at this time, all the body-systems (i.e. energy-bodies and meat-and-bones body etc.) can have their conditions and states improved to a significant extent.

While there are many existing methods which make some improvements, but typically each system only works with one, or at most a few, of the many body-systems, and there are no existing traditions which commonly work with any of the less well-known energy-bodies (and all the interactions between them, and with Real-i).

It is highly recommended that one develop the awareness and ability to work with (or help others work with) all of the body-systems and their relationships (and the complex and wide-ranging non-ideals of the Real-i). For information on how to do so, see Using Deep-Clearing to work with your energy-bodies, and also my other website

A notable exception to the above disadvantage of specialization is the secret advanced levels of T’ai Chi (although the beginning levels of T’ai Chi work with the Brains (not the chakras as is usually assumed, even by most “Tai-Chi masters”) the secret very advanced levels work with all body-systems and the Real-i), but they are not currently being taught on earth (as no-one following the T’ai Chi pathway is advanced enough to be ready for them), and this is not an efficient alternative (it typically takes around 180 lifetimes of T’ai Chi to be ready for these advanced levels, while the same changes can be made in a typically a few decades of use of the Deep-Clearing approach.

The non-ideals on the Real-i mean that only a handful of humans on earth are currently in a condition where they have an effective degree of awareness and ability to work with all the body-systems (and the Real-i, which is not a body-system, although very strongly linked to the body).

To work effectively with the energy-bodies oneself, one would need to process the Real-i to the point where it has clear and direct awareness (with Certainty) of all the body-systems and the ability to change, dis-create and create any of them directly. Someone who has reached that condition (which is sometimes achievable in a few decades of effective work using the approaches we suggest) would not need to learn any theory about the body-systems as they would be able to observe them (and their aberrations) directly. Any learned theoretical system is a poor substitute for real direct observation, as no theory will ever fully match the complex and constantly changing details of reality (also most theories to some extent deviate from the reality they describe, often significantly, as can be seen in most spiritual-systems available on earth today).

If one wants to have problems with one’s body-systems fixed, then one can get someone else to do this (if that someone-else has the necessary awareness and ability). Ideally one would work within someone who has good awareness of all the body-systems presented on this website, and ability to improve their condition directly, although a lesser degree of improvement is certainly possible by using one or more of the other improvement-systems available.

Note that almost all problems in life will have components on some of the body-systems (and the relationships between them) and in the Real-i (if present). This includes problems with the meat-and-bones body-system, which can be dramatically improved by improving the energy-bodies (and Real-i) which are very interdependent with it.


Some examples of ways to make valuable additions and improvements:


The Ifá is (in its pure form) a spiritual and magick system which improves the conditions of the connections to Ori and Eshu (or adds them if they are not present), as well as providing valuable information on the Body-personality-definitions and effective methods of working with the Physical-universe Matrix (the building-blocks of this universe).

For more details see my Ifá page.

For effective practical experience of the Ifá system, please contact Max ( )

Infinite-OKness has 2 poles and can be applied to most of the body-systems, and is an acceptance of all possibilities.


Reiki adds symbols within the energy-fields of the body-systems (as well as providing a method of working with the energy of one of the sets of chakras). These symbols are used to link to the desirable state of the originator of the Reiki system.

Reiki can be one of the most rapidly effective improvement systems for energy-bodies, since it connects one to desired states and abilities rather than taking the time to develop these things oneself from scratch (as most other energy-body improvement-systems do).

Although Reiki works with the main set of chakras only, it could (if one has enough awareness and ability, and chooses to look for oneself) be applied to the chakra-sets for Astral-body and Etheric-double too.


Becoming a Shaman (the most genuine initiation is the one which happens to you naturally and spontaneously when you get other parts of yourself up to a suitable condition) is an addition of a specific spirit in a specific location connected to the body-systems. One can also learn various Shamanic traditions which call and use specific external Spirits to give advice and work with other spirits etc.


Use of the Ayahuasca plants results in the formation of a connection to two specific spirits in specific locations, which in turn connect to the Astral-body and connect it strongly to experiences of the early-magick-universe.

Note that (as with any effect on the body-systems) the same effect can be created knowingly by a Real-i capable of doing so (i.e. one can manifest the required beings, and their connections, directly, (if Real-i is capable of doing so) without the use of the plants).

Kabala, Shambalah, Merkabah.

These three are different uses of additions within the space of the energy-bodies. The pure Kabala (practical experience of this is available, see is a system which places ones attention in the Magick-universe, and to the ability to manifest from there. Note that traditional systems on earth such as “Kabbalah”, “Quabbalah” (and other spellings) etc. have little or nothing to do with the practical use of the pure energy-systems themselves (which you can experience with )

The (pure) Merkabah is an energy-generation system which generates Magick-universe energies that the energy-bodies can use, and thus can sometimes help the body-systems improve their conditions to some degree. Contact Max for more details on this.

The Shambalah works by using a specific kind of random energy to dissipate the Physical-universe structures formed on top of the Magick-universe, thus leaving you in the Magick-universe.

Rhumba, Samba, etc.

The original forms of these dances (still performed effectively in a few locations) produce significant effects on the energy-bodies.

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung (Qui Gong).

These systems get one working with flows of Chi. Some of these systems also work specifically on the Brains (which they call “chakras”) and some of the other body-systems.

Use of these systems can significantly improve the condition of body-systems, and also create a Real-i (if one is not already present on the body) and remove aberrations of the Real-i if the secret advanced knowledge is used (no-one on earth is delivering that currently).