Existence-levels (including Games-levels) energy-bodies.

These are not illustrated, one reason being that they vary considerably in size and shape for different people, and also that different people sometimes have different structures of Existence-levels.

A Real-i will have all of the Existence-levels described below, although most of them are in an inactive state for most humans on earth. A Human-body which has no Real-i will usually be owned by one of the Players (and that Player is owned by a Real-i).

A Human-body is used as a Piece in the Game of the Physical-universe. The games-levels such as “piece” and “player” can be seen as if it were a game of chess, where the piece is in the Playing-field, and the Player is outside the Playing-field, causing actions on Pieces (other games use the terms differently, for example a “soccer player” is a Piece).

The games-levels include Piece, Player, and Games-engineering levels (including Games-destroyer, Games-creator, Architect, Engineer, Games-designer and more specific design jobs such as designer of beings, designer of eco-systems etc.). Then there are upper existence levels which are Presence in the Physical-u, then Creator/Destroyer and Presence in a larger sense, which is located outside any universe.

There are also Games-levels which are located in the Playing-field of the Physical-universe, and of the 3 universes below it. Each of these levels is a different energy-body, and the whole set is connected by an energy-beam running through them all (apart from the top-most Existence level which is outside all universes).

Piece is in the Playing-field and is usually a Human body. Player and the Engineering levels are located in specific Planes of the Physical-universe.

The Creator/Destroyer Existence-level for the Physical-universe, is located in the Magick-universe. The create-destroy of those is done in very much the Magick-universe sense, with destroy being clearing an area of old unwanted stuff to make room for new creations to be done cleanly.

Piece is defined by a connection down to the Human-body, and that connection ends in the upper belly area. Anything which experiences the Playing-field (i.e. what science calls the “universe”) is a Piece. Note that this Piece-connection is separate from the Identity-space, and from the Terminal-space, both of which help define the Piece. Devotion (to the Player) can be an ideal condition for a Piece (but very incorrect for anything senior to that, such as Real-i).

Player is an energy-body in a space in a specific area relating to a specific sub-game, such as a planet (e.g. earth). The Player-space of a planet such as earth is entirely full, so one Player can only expand its space by causing others around it to contract. Most Real-i’s on earth have their Player energy-body inactive, and of particle (almost zero) size. A Player naturally causes new content in Morphic-fields. Player can sometimes split into more than one level due to aberrations.

The Engineering-levels relate both to the current Game in the Playing-field, and to the original creation of the game (and sub-games, such as eco-systems etc.).

Most humans on earth have more “spiritual charge” on the Existence-levels (which include the Games-levels), than any other energy-body-system.