Energy-bodies and Death.

This page covers some details of what happens to energy-bodies when the meat-and-bones body dies, including some information on ghosts, and between-lives etc.

At the instant the meat-and-bones body dies, the Spirit-arising and Soul are fixed at that location (even if the meat-and-bones body is moved after that) and gradually dissolve, returning information to the common pools of their respective parts. This dissolving will typically take a few hours, although can take longer if there is extreme trauma.

So even if the body dies in a moving car, the Spirit-arising and Soul remain in the exact location they were when the body died.

Most of the other energy-bodies also dissolve, typically staying with the meat-and-bones body if it is moved. They take varying times to dissolve, and after about 3 days in total, most of them will be gone. As the energy-bodies are dissolving, they also separate from each other (in terms of their awareness, and some of them, spatially too), as it is the construction-template for the composite human-body which gathers them all together.

The main exception is Placed-spirit, if that is present on the body. This energy-body does not dissolve at death, and can last for trillions of years. It sometimes changes condition at death, maybe getting smaller or less intense, but some part of it almost always remains, and will (after the Between-lives sequence) join the new body when the Real-i joins it (see below).


The Astral-body ceases its connection (in the middle of the belly) to the meat-and-bones body soon after death (typically within a few minutes), and then will usually dissolve, and will take some of its structure and “personality” to the Astral-planes. It is not really correct to say that it “goes to” the Astral-planes.

If there is a Real-i present on the body as it dies, the Real-i will have some connection with this presence in the Astral-planes after the body dies, and that presence can last indefinitely there. If there is no Real-i present, then the “personality” of the body (the combination of the Morphic-fields which owned it) will be transferred there, but will typically decay and re-merge with the common pools relevant to parts of it after a while and cease to exist as an distinguishable individual.

If around the time of death, there is significant enough trauma, or unwillingness to let go of ones goals during that lifetime, then the Astral-body can be persistent (and continue relating to the space of the Playing-field) and separate from the meat-and-bones body and this is a ghost.

A ghost will persist until it lets go of the goals and/or trauma which were keeping it there. It is possible for an animal Astral-body to form a ghost, although this is less common than with humans (because animals tend to accept reality more than humans do).


After the Real-i lets go of the dead body, it typically lets go of the goals it had during that lifetime, and is then pulled into the Between-lives area, where some of the “spiritual-charge” accumulated from that lifetime is reduced, and there are various stages of re-programming and the enforced decision to “choose” a new personality and go down into a new human body around the time of birth.

In the initial phase of the Between-lives area, whatever one chooses to imagine is created (hence people’s with different beliefs, having different types of typical experiences in this area because it is created by each individual), then at some point in this “dreaming” one will start to realize that it is not real, and let go of creating imaginings, and move onto other phases of the Between-lives. The imaginings created there can include a sort-of black nothingness field, if the Real-i believes that there is “nothing after death”.

The time between the death of one body, and the birth of the next one that the Real-i uses, is an average of around 3 months of time in this universe, although this can vary considerably. I say “in this universe” because the Between-lives area is pocket-universe off of the first time-line in the universe above this one, so time passes more quickly there than here.

Lots more details of the Between-lives area, and exactly what happens when a Real-i takes a new body etc., coming soon (sign-up for our mailing-list to be informed when this, and other updates, happen).