Emotional-circuits energy-body

This energy-body causes the majority of emotional reactions.

It is a vertical infinite-series of similar parts, with different parts effecting different frequencies.

Each part has slightly curved circular plates to the back and front, with various emotional-circuits running between them, as illustrated.

The system as illustrated can be entirely erased, and replaced with a lower-pole at a single location about 2.5 meters below the feet. If you don’t currently have the “spiritual awareness” to see exactly where that location should be and exactly what it should have connected to it, then it is not advisable to attempt to make this change on your own.

There are a more advanced stage to this body-system than described above (which a few of the most advanced humans on this planet at this time have), but as it can be dangerous I won’t describe it here.

An intermediate stage (which is safer) is  to have many vertical energy-lines at the edge of the external-space of the location of the single energy-location (as mentioned above).

In addition to this central part of this energy-body, there is a vertical series of what can be described as “induction-loops” about half a meter in front of the body, and a smaller vertical series behind the body which limits energies (and much less significant vertical systems to either side of the body).

Each of those can be replaced by its own energy-center below the feet, a different distance for each part of this energy-body.