Three related energy-bodies:

Configuration of Basics.

This body-system usually consists of 8 infinite vertical lines, each of which is a connection with one of the Physical-universe Matrix Level-of-8 items (which are some of the very basic elements of the Physical-universe Playing-field).

Occasionally, one or more of the lines might be split into its 2 level-of-16 items if there is a lot of charge on that line.

Each person has the 8 lines in a different spacial configuration (scattered throughout a space which approximates a vertical cylinder), which relates in some ways to personality and preferences. An example of the size of a configuration for a typical human is illustrated here (between 1 and 2 meters in diameter). When a person has removed most of the “spiritual-charge” from the body-systems (and Real-i) the spacial configuration will be much smaller, sometimes as small as a few inches in total diameter.

The natural movement of the poles of the Configuration of Basics can be blocked due to unwillingness to contact the basic forces of the Physical-U.


This system consists of connections to Source/Ground, instantaneously forming, vanishing and reforming in different directions. This system relates to use of power in the Physical-universe.


This system consists of field connections to upper and lower infinities, and affects the use of exponentials by the body-systems.