These are related energy-bodies so it makes sense to talk about them together.


This body-system has a negative pole behind the back and positive pole in front of the chest and a 2-pole power-supply at right-angles to that.

The negative area has the natural action is destruction in terms of clearing a way for the desired creation (removing unwanted stuff which might get in the way of the desired creation and preparing a space for it), then the positive part places the potential for the creation that is wanted (although doesn’t actually create it itself). So the negative part is in a sense making way for the desired creation, and can even be seen as a beginning of going towards that creation, or what leads towards that. At the center, between the negative and positive poles, is “aesthetics”.

The very common mistake with any system of this nature (including Genies) is to try to install a positive aim but refuse to work with (or even block or suppress) the negative. The result is that the negative part defaults to always undoing whatever the positive part does, resulting in the common experience of getting what you wanted by use of a Genie, only to lose it again soon afterwards. This Physical-universe is fundamentally dichotomous in nature, and trying to ignore (or suppress) half of reality (as many current belief-systems on earth do) will result in significant limitations of awareness and functionality.


The center part of the Volition-system has 4 active sections (forehead, throat, above-heart and below-heart), and these correspond to awareness, communication (contact), intention and manifestation respectively.

These can be used with the binary Ifá system.

That central part of the system has an energy or power system both above and below it (as illustrated), and each power-system links to a ring of 33 Beingnesses in the Magick-universe, which are the 36 Magick-universe-Matrix items except one Triad.

While the illustrated parts of the Volition-system, like other body-systems, are located in the Magick-universe planes of the Physical-universe, the 33 Beings are located in the Magick-universe itself (and prohibited in any plane of the Physical-universe).

When in good condition, the Volition-system projects causality into the future in a direction out in front of the body and slightly upwards, and also represents the past behind the body and slightly downwards. The Decision-system (see below) when in good condition, places content into this causal-future.


This system has 5 main parts:

behind the legs = life-force from the past,

in front of the heart = present time,

in front of face = near future,

in front and above the head = further future,

and further above the head and in front, infinite-future.

In good condition the “past” part of the decision-system is a Physical-Lifeforce-Eshu and provides power for the flow from the past into creating the future, which flows up into the other parts of the system. In less good condition, it can hold aberrations from the past, partially blocking the flow of this lifeforce and preventing the other parts of the Decision-system from causing what they want to happen. The Physical-Lifeforce-Eshu, when in poor condition, can be seen as storing aberrated structures relevant to addiction.

This Physical-Lifeforce-Eshu is the lower half of the power-system for the other 3 parts, and there is an equivalent upper part of the power system as shown, which connects above the rest of the system.


This system has 4 main parts (as illustrated), and relates to Life and Livingness.

It also has infinite-line Source/Ground connections along the line of the 4 parts (not illustrated).


This system has 4 main parts (as illustrated), and relates to Existence in the Physical-universe.


This system has power-supplies in the typical “hour-glass” configuration with positive upwards and negative downwards, with the center just below the heart. Around the center are 2 horizontal rings (each of which connect to 33 Sources in the Magick-universe), one slightly higher rotating clockwise and the other slightly lower rotating anti-clockwise. There are also linear connections up and down to Source/ground (not illustrated) which are slightly off the vertical.

The center is a portal, linking to/from the universe above Magick-universe. One significant difference between the universe above Magick-universe and the Magick-universe, is that in the universe above Magick-universe one is naturally being ones creations, whereas in the Magick-universe one creates things which are separate from oneself. So this Portal is linking to the mode of creation where oneself as the creator is also being the creations themselves. This gives more awareness of other Beings and more “presence” of oneself as a Being.

Few humans on earth have this system in functional condition.