This is one of the most significant body-systems (sometimes known as the Triune Brain System).

There are three major Brains: Head-Brain, Heart-Brain and Belly-Brain, and 3 minor ones: Buddha-Brain (just above the head), Placental-Brain in front of the belly and Sperm-Tail-Brain behind the back. The Brains can be seen as Truth (Head-Brain), Love (Heart-Brain), Life (Belly-Brain), Ethics (Buddha-Brain), Perfect for all levels simultaneously (Placental-brain) and Volition (Sperm-tail Brain). Each Brain has all of its relevant Triangle (Major or Minor) inside it too.

Each Brain has outflow (as illustrated) and inflow (not illustrated) parts (less precisely seen as male and female halves) with the inflow-half a few inches in front of the out-flow half (only the out-flow parts are illustrated here), and the Spinal-Eshus are closely related to the Brains.

The Brains are larger than I’ve illustrated here, and can be merged into one spatially (although the separate functions still remain). Each of the 12 Brains (counting the inflow and outflow as separate) has its own lower-pole, about 2 meters below the upper poles, each lower-pole has its own connection to Eshu, and there are huge power-supply elements very much lower.

Most people have one Brain dominating the others, and this is a major factor in determining the “personality” of the person (known as the “Orisha complex” in the Ifá (see the references at the bottom of the page).

Societies can have a bias for one Brain dominating, for example the Western world has a strong bias for the Head-Brain dominating (which causes considerable problems for society and for individuals who have this aberration). When enough aberrations are removed, the Heart-Brain would be the manager of the Brains-system, and the other Brains would each do their own functions, while merged spatially, and working-together in harmony.

The Ifá personality-types are descriptions of which Brain is dominant and working with the Ifá (and/or other types of processing) can handle imbalance between Brains. The Peak States books ( are specifically about a particular perspective of research into the Brains (some of their data is correct), and their website includes a process (the WHH) which you can use yourself to improve the condition and balance of the Brains. As the Peak-states data says, some of the peak states from certain spiritual traditions, such as one of the “samadhi” states, are particular configurations of the Brains.

The Head-Brain should not really be thinking, as thinking is a (poor) substitute for the direct awareness of reality and causation it should have (if not aberrated). This aberration of the Head-Brain connecting to Thoughts-Mind is partly caused by the main viewpoint of Real-i and the Head-Brain itself functioning as Self . . . (the ideal condition is for them to function as all-beings of the infinite-life-universe). The Heart-Brain should (if in good enough condition) manage power-deployment for other (non-Brain) body-systems (such as flexible use of Eshu) and for use of energy outside the body-systems (such as in communication). The Belly-Brain handles power. Power input to the belly-Brain comes from the flow of Infinite-Life through the Physical-universe Playing-field, and the flow of creation-of-more-playing-field, each of which the Belly-Brain taps into, uses, and converts into suitable energies for other Brains and to some extent other body-systems to use.

The Brains also all have a degree of division into left and right halves, which relate to “left and right hemisphere” concepts, and originate with the difference between the unfettered-creation of the Early-Magick-universe (right) and the more symbolized (made from pre-set elements) creation available in the Late-Magick-universe (left).

The internal-space of each Brain would be a single space, if in an ideal condition. Almost all humans on earth have the internal-space of each Brain split into two (high and low), with a singularity between. This is due to a particular developmental incident.