There are many auras, and some can be seen as different colors. They are each of different sizes (and some of different shapes and locations) and some are larger than I’ve illustrated here. Some are energy-fields which decrease gradually with distance, some are spaces with a precise boundary.

The function of many of the auras is to protect the body-systems against unwanted energies, and also to some extent to act as awareness of things outside the body (which can also be seen as contact with desirable energies). Some auras also provide and modify energy for the entire body-systems. Some of the auras are somewhat split into left (female) and right (male) halves. The “7th body” referred to in some spiritual systems can in some ways be seen as part of the auras, but in some way part of a much larger system with a different type of structure.

There is a Core Aura which is narrower than the body and has some useful properties, but also typically contains significant aberrations. Outside the Core Aura are three sets of 8 auras (small, medium and large), and inside the Core Aura are 3 other sets of auras going inwards. There are also sets of lower auras, centered a few meters below the feet. These facilitate contact with Game-spaces below them.