This body-system has a spherical surface (approximately the size illustrated) which has connections with the 36 items of the Magick-universe Matrix, enabling effective use of those items in the Magick-universe Planes.

If in good condition, those 36 items will be constantly moving randomly around the surface of the sphere, and if the system is in good condition the energy of the sphere will reach all the way to the center of the sphere, and for a large distance outside what is illustrated here.

A typical problem with this system, for most humans on earth at this time, is that they have the condition of the 36-Sphere inflowing only, which (as well as being a problem in itself) can cause additional problems in some circumstances, such as “rings of fire” around the body etc. If in good condition, this system should have slightly more outflow than inflow, and thus be slightly more cause than effect in relation to its environment.