Energy Bodies (subtle bodies).

The definitive guide to energy-bodies (aka. subtle bodies).

All the data on this page comes from direct observations by Chris ( and Max Sandor (, and will be continually updated as our ongoing research progresses.

Note, the energy-body illustrations (and descriptions) here are simplified, showing the main parts of each system rather than full details (for more details, and to join in discussion of energy-bodies and related subjects, see note [4]). For example most parts of each energy-body have both a pervasive and a linear Source/Ground (some of which are mentioned in the text below, some not).

Warning: Making mistakes processing any of these body-systems can kill or damage the body, so take care, and if you are not certain you know what you are doing and can rapidly fix any problems, develop your own awareness and ability (see note [2]), and/or work with someone who does (see below).

Disclaimer: All information on this website is intended to suggest directions you might want to look for yourself, not to present “facts” to believe, so any problems resulting from your believing or disbelieving, looking or mis-looking, using or mis-using the info presented on this website (or anything derived from it) are entirely your own responsibility.


meat-bodyBones and meat (etc.) (not an energy-body). These are what western medicine is somewhat familiar with and are in the Physical-universe Playing-field, unlike all the other body-systems below (all of which are in the Magick-universe planes of the Physical-universe [1] unless otherwise specified).The meat-body can be seen mostly as separate (although joined) left and right halves.
BrainsBrains. This is one of the most significant body-systems. There are three major Brains: Head-Brain, Heart-Brain and Belly-Brain, and 3 minor ones: Buddha-Brain (just above the head), Placental-Brain in front of the belly and Sperm-Tail-Brain behind the back. The Brains can be seen as Truth (Head-Brain), Love (Heart-Brain), Life (Belly-Brain), Ethics (Buddha-Brain), Perfect for all levels simultaneously (Placental-brain) and Volition (Sperm-tail Brain). Each Brain has all of its relevant Triangle (Major or Minor) inside it too.Each Brain has outflow and inflow (not illustrated) parts (less precisely seen as male and female halves) with the inflow-half a few inches in front of the out-flow half (only the out-flow parts are illustrated), and the Spinal-Eshus (see below) are closely related to the Brains.The Brains are larger than I’ve illustrated here, and can be merged into one spatially (although the separate functions still remain). Each of the 12 Brains (counting the inflow and outflow as separate) has its own lower-pole, about 2 meters below the upper poles, each lower-pole has its own connection to Eshu, and there are huge power-supply elements very much lower.

Most people have one Brain dominating the others, and this is a major factor in determining the “personality” of the person (known as the “Orisha complex” in the Ifá). Societies can have a bias for one Brain dominating, for example the Western world has a strong bias for the Head-Brain dominating (which causes considerable problems for society and for individuals who have this aberration). When enough aberrations are removed, the Heart-Brain would be the manager of the Brains-system, and the other Brains would each do their own functions, while merged spatially, and working-together in harmony.The Ifá (see below) personality-types are descriptions of which Brain is dominant and work with the Ifá (and/or other types of processing) can handle imbalance between Brains. The Peak States books ( are specifically about a particular perspective of research into the Brains, and their website includes a process (the WHH) which you can use yourself to improve the condition and balance of the Brains. As the Peak-states data says, some of the peak states from certain spiritual traditions, such as one of the “samadhi” states, are particular configurations of the Brains. The Head-Brain should not really be thinking, as thinking is a (poor) substitute for the direct awareness of reality and causation it should have (if not aberrated). This aberration of the Head-Brain connecting to Thoughts-Mind is partly caused by the main viewpoint of Real-i and the Head-Brain itself functioning as Self . . . (the ideal condition is for them to function as all-beings of the infinite-life-universe [1]). The Heart-Brain should (if in good enough condition) manage power-deployment for other (non-Brain) body-systems (such as flexible use of Eshu) and for use of energy outside the body-systems (such as in communication). The Belly-Brain handles power. Power input to the belly-Brain comes from the flow of Infinite-Life through the Physical-universe Playing-field, and the flow of creation-of-more-playing-field, each of which the Belly-Brain taps into, uses, and converts into suitable energies for other Brains and to some extent other body-systems to use.

The Brains also all have a degree of division into left and right halves, which relate to “left and right hemisphere” concepts, and originate with the difference between the unfettered-creation of the Early-Magick-universe (right) and the more symbolized (made from pre-set elements) creation available in the Late-Magick-universe (left) [1]. The internal-space of each Brain would be a single space, if in an ideal condition. Almost all humans on earth have the internal-space of each Brain split into two (high and low), with a singularity between. This is due to a particular developmental incident.

spinal-eshusSpinal-EshusThe 4 Spinal-Eshus are centered where I illustrate them, but can be larger in size, and somewhat link with each other along the spine ending in connections up and down to infinity (as illustrated). They are not really red, but (as all Eshus do) have an affinity with red and black.In some ways they are part of the Brains system (for example they provide some of the power which the Brains use as well as effecting the Brains in other ways), and in some ways a separate system. For more info on Eshu see below. Many humans have one or more of the Spinal-Eshus in a Reversed condition, and/or the flow through them in a weakened condition (due to barriers, breaks, holes etc.). This (along with head-Brian dominance) will usually result in energy being trapped in the head instead of flowing down the front of the body, and this (plus compressions of certain spaces) usually results in a head-ache, and/or stiff neck and shoulders. The Spinal-Eshu system should have an aura around it to protect it from unwanted influences, but this is in poor condition for many humans.
Astral-bodyAstral-body. (Not really blue, but I wanted to illustrate the fact that it’s a higher frequency than the Etheric-double). The Astral-body is approximately the shape of the human body, and is connected to the other body-systems via a thin, flexible-lengthed energy-line to the belly area. When the meat-body is asleep (or “daydreaming”), the astral-body will move away from it (usually upwards), and drift around during dreaming but a sudden unexpected sound can often cause it to snap back into the meat-body position, which can be experienced as a slight shock. This phenomena of Astral-body leaving and snapping-back also often happens during meditation.When in good condition the astral-body is very playful and curious. This can be seen in the behavior of dolphins and whales who have a lot of awareness in their Astral-body. Most ghosts are Astral-body’s which have persisted after the death of the meat-body (and used as something for the Real-i to hold on to), often due to trauma which the being is unwilling to face yet.
Etheric-doubleEtheric-double. (Not really red, but I wanted to illustrate the fact that it’s a lower frequency than the Astral-body).The Etheric-double connects at the belly area, but it has a larger and more diffuse connection than Astral-body, and the Etheric-double doesn’t usually move away from the rest of the body-systems (although it can shift slightly), and is somewhat associated with emotions and emotional energies.
aurasAuras. There are many auras, and some can be seen as different colors. They are each of different sizes (and some of different shapes and locations) and some are larger than I’ve illustrated here. Some are energy-fields which decrease gradually with distance, some are spaces with a precise boundary.The function of many of the auras is to protect the body-systems against unwanted energies, and also to some extent to act as awareness of things outside the body (which can also be seen as contact with desirable energies). Some auras also provide and modify energy for the entire body-systems. Some of the auras are somewhat split into left (female) and right (male) halves. The “7th body” referred to in some spiritual systems can in some ways be seen as part of the auras, but in some way part of a much larger system with a different type of structure.There is a Core Aura which is narrower than the body and has some useful properties, but also typically contains significant aberrations. Outside the Core Aura are three sets of 8 auras (small, medium and large), and inside the Core Aura are 3 other sets of auras going inwards. There are also sets of lower auras, centered a few meters below the feet. These facilitate contact with Game-spaces below them.
chakrasChakras. The main (central) sets of 7 chakras form a fractal system, with an infinite set of similar ones (both upwards and downwards) but less and less significant the further away they are from the main set. The chakras are larger in extent than I’ve illustrated here when in good condition, and each chakra has a pair of components one of which spins clockwise, one of which spins anti-clockwise.The chakras are in part a form of energy-transformer, supplying different frequencies of energies to the meridian-system and other body-systems. Other functions include communication and awareness at their range of frequencies. The main set of chakras (i.e. chakras for meat-body) has 7 chakras. The lowest is red and is about physical survival, material existence etc. The second up is orange, and is about sex and reproduction. The third is yellow and is about power. The 4th up is green and is about connections with other things. The 5th is turquoise and is about communication. The 6th is blue and is about awareness, and the top one is indigo and is about connection with higher things (“spirituality” etc.).As on the illustration, above the main set is another set of 7, which are the chakras for the Etheric-double. Some belief systems mistakenly see the first one of those as an 8th one of the main system. Below the main chakra set is another set for the Astral-body. These sets other than the main set are not really the colors I’ve illustrated (and the main ones only relate harmonically to the illustrated colors, as they are not in the Physical-universe [1] Playing-field), but are something like related harmonics of those colors.

Reiki and Hatha-Yoga work on the chakras, but traditionally only on the main set. In addition to the sets of 7 chakras which are on the vertical energy-line (which is infinite both upwards and downwards and is where some of the energy transformed by the chakras mainly comes from), there are many other chakras (some of which are illustrated here). The main additional ones are on the joints, and these are worked with in Reiki, plus there are series’ of chakras extending out from each limb (as illustrated). The knee chakras (and the chakras in the series below each knee-chakra) are particularly important for the power of the Kundalini and other body-systems. The chakras in a line up the legs, are on a line of flow, from below the legs, up to hips and then the flow joins and adds to the upward flow of the main sets of chakras. The same applies to the chakra-sets along the arms. These flows should be clean and powerful, if in good condition.

The main sets of chakras have input from behind the body, and output towards the front (in addition to their connection to the infinite vertical energy-line). This flow can be cleaned somewhat by temporarily reversing it for a few seconds, then putting it back to normal. The additional chakra-systems outside the 3 ones labeled here, have each set connecting somewhat to a chakra in the main sets.

Some versions of Hatha Yoga suggest a particular symbol for each chakra. While these symbols can be of use initially to help clean and focus the energy of each chakra, one should not use them beyond that point, as they are too narrowly focused, and not precisely correct for the perfect operation of the chakras. The reason the Chakras come in sets of seven is that the Heart-Chakra is really at a slightly senior level compared to the 2 sets of 3 Chakras either side of it.

There is at least one additional Chakra with different properties to those illustrated, so could be considered either as a Chakra, or as a separate type of body-system (although some Eastern traditions use the word “chakra” for any energy-formation, such as the Brains etc.). This is the KalaChakra (not illustrated), which has its origin behind and slightly below the Solar-plexus (although its shape can extend upwards into wing-shaped formations, illustrated (inaccurately) in many traditions) which has various functions including creation of specific things. In most humans on earth it is almost entirely dormant. None of the “KalaChakra” traditions on earth currently are working cleanly or directly with the real KalaChakra.

meridiansMeridians. These are well known and used by the acupuncture tradition, and relate to different organs, both organs of the physical-body and “organs” of the energy-systems. However, they can also relate to other energy-bodies (for example one meridian which is near the surface of the skin on the side of the neck connects to the 3rd Soul-level). Also, there are actually more meridians outside the body (not illustrated) than inside it, plus other energy-structures outside those, and each meridian junction has a connection to Source/Ground.Acupuncture and Zero-balancing work with the Meridians inside the meat-body, and you can use a simplified approach, EFT ( yourself, which can be effective on emotions and feelings, and if you use it consistently for at least 3 weeks can make other changes. Negative experiences, and some other aberrational influences, can be seen as being stored as configurations of the whole Meridien-system. The Meridien-system relates somewhat to Morphic-field configurations.


 Kundalini . . . click here to see our separate Kundalini page showing the various stages in Kundalini development.


Soul-levelsSoul-levels. The Soul has 3 or 4 parts located around the lower area of the body, and each of those parts has an upper counter-part which can be a varying distance above the lower parts.The lowest of the Soul-levels is present on every particle in the Physical-universe [1]. The next one up is present on every living being in the Physical-universe. The 3rd one up is present on all higher types of living beings, which on earth corresponds approximately to multi-cellular life-forms. The highest Soul-level is present only if there is a connection with a Real-i (see below) on that particular human body.At the time of writing, slightly less than half the humans on earth have a connection with a Real-i and the other half do not (see below for more info on Real-i). The vertical connecting line (as illustrated) connects to symbol-spaces, both above and below. These are mostly symbol-spaces originating in the Magick-universe [1]. One of the functions of the Soul-levels is to store the results of interactions between symbols and the experience of the Soul-levels, and upon death of the body, convey that data to the whole-data-set for the Souls of that type of living being. The Soul-levels also have horizontal components. The Soul-levels can work well with the Placed-Spirit (below) if both systems are in good enough condition.
warriorsWarriors. This body-system has protection behind the body, causation into the future going forwards, and for a right-handed body receiving coming in along the left arm and giving going out the right arm. The protection part of the system is centered around the shoulders but extends above and below the body, the future part of the system is centered slightly above head-level and extends a few meters up and down, as well as many meters forward.A left-handed body will usually have giving and receiving on the opposite directions, and someone born left-handed but trained to be right-handed can have both directions working simultaneously (which can cause problems). Part of the power-supply system for the Warriors is a pair of vortexes (not illustrated), revolving horizontally, one clock-wise and one counter-clockwise, centered around the upper chest area. Instead of “Warriors” a more accurate description for this body-system in good condition would be “wing-man”.
motivation-systemMotivation-system. This body-system has a negative pole behind the back and positive pole in front of the chest and a 2-pole power-supply at right-angles to that. The negative area has the natural action is destruction in terms of clearing a way for the desired creation (removing unwanted stuff which might get in the way of the desired creation and preparing a space for it), then the positive part places the potential for the creation that is wanted (although doesn’t actually create it itself). So the negative part is in a sense making way for the desired creation, and can even be seen as a beginning of going towards that creation, or what leads towards that.The very common mistake with any system of this nature (including Genies) is to try to install a positive aim but refuse to work with (or even block or suppress) the negative. The result is that the negative part defaults to always undoing whatever the positive part does, resulting in the common experience of getting what you wanted by use of a Genie, only to lose it again soon afterwards. This Physical-universe [1] is fundamentally dichotomous in nature, and trying to ignore (or suppress) half of reality (as many current belief-systems on earth do) will result in significant limitations of awareness and functionality.
volition-systemVolition-system. The center part of the Volition-system has 4 active sections (forehead, throat, above-heart and below-heart), and these correspond to awareness, communication (contact), intention and manifestation respectively. These can be used with the binary Ifá system (see pages 4-10).That central part of the system has an energy or power system both above and below it (as illustrated), and each power-system links to a ring of 33 Beingnesses in the Magick-universe [1], which are the 36 Magick-universe-Matrix [3] items except one Triad. While the illustrated parts of the Volition-system, like other body-systems, are located in the Magick-universe [1] planes of the Physical-universe, the 33 Beings are located in the Magick-universe [1] itself (and prohibited in any plane of the Physical-universe [1]).When in good condition, the Volition-system projects causality into the future in a direction out in front of the body and slightly upwards, and also represents the past behind the body and slightly downwards. The Decision-system (see below) when in good condition, places content into this causal-future.
decision-systemDecision-system. This system has 5 main parts, behind the legs = life-force from the past, in front of the heart = present time, in front of face = near future, and in front and above the head = further future, and further above the head and in front, infinite-future.In good condition the “past” part of the decision-system is a Physical-Lifeforce-Eshu (see below for more info on Eshu) and provides power for the flow from the past into creating the future, which flows up into the other parts of the system. In less good condition, it can hold aberrations from the past, partially blocking the flow of this lifeforce and preventing the other parts of the Decision-system from causing what they want to happen. This Physical-Lifeforce-Eshu is the lower half of the power-system for the other 3 parts, and there is an equivalent upper part of the power system as shown, which connects above the rest of the system. The Physical-Lifeforce-Eshu can be seen as storing aberrated structures relevant to addiction.
Life-systemLife-system. This system has 4 main parts (as illustrated), and relates to Life and Livingness. It also has infinite-line Source/Ground connections along the line of the 4 parts (not illustrated).
Existence-systemExistence-system. This system has 4 main parts (as illustrated), and relates to Existence in the Physical-universe [1].
causal-presenceCausal-presence. This system has power-supplies in the typical “hour-glass” configuration with positive upwards and negative downwards, with the center just below the heart. Around the center are 2 horizontal rings (each of which connect to 33 Sources in the Magick-universe[1]), one slightly higher rotating clockwise and the other slightly lower rotating anti-clockwise. There are also linear connections up and down to Source/ground (not illustrated) which are slightly off the vertical.The center is a portal, linking to/from the 2-below-OP-universe [1]. One significant difference between the 2-below-OP-universe and the Magick-universe, is that in the 2-below-OP-universe one is naturally being ones creations, whereas in the Magick-universe one creates things which are separate from oneself. So this Portal is linking to the mode of creation where oneself as the creator is also being the creations themselves. This gives more awareness of other Beings and more “presence” of oneself as a Being. Few humans on earth have this system in functional condition.
causal-presenceOne&Multiple system. This body-system has two parts, the upper part is about Oneness and the lower part is about multiplicity. Most people have the upper part being Ego, and the lower part suppressed (due to Ego), however, a better condition is to have the upper part connected to the single-deity in the top part of the infinite-life-universe [1] and the bottom part connected to multiplicity.
player-cross imagePlayer-cross. This energy-body has a vertical bar and a horizontal bar, both of which will move freely and continually if the system is in good condition. The bars both extend somewhat further than I have illustrated, gradually fading out. The area where the two bars meet links to the space of the Player-games-level (see below for more details of the Games-levels), and this has Source connections to positive in the center of the space and the negative to Eshu (see below) outside the space.For the concepts of the Games-levels chess defines the roles correctly, with Player being only outside the game, involved in causing Pieces to move, and having no direct experience of any effects inside the Playing-field (chess-board), and Piece being only inside the game and experiencing the effects of the Playing-field. So together the other body-systems for a human form a Piece. Few humans on earth have any contact with themselves at the Player-games-level (and their Player-space is generally zero-size, and thus inactive). The cross-shaped formation defines the Player-space as being that of a single Player only. An improved condition (which less than 14 humans on earth currently have) replaces the cross with a multi-point star (which also requires an added protecting-field around the body, which is vital for the safe use of the star-shape), which then defines the Player-space as that of all possible players (i.e. pan-existent, win/win etc.).
certainty-systemCertainty-system. The Certainty-system, while using a Magick-plane energy-field (as illustrated), is functionally located in the universe senior to the Magick-universe (i.e. the U-2-below-OP [1]). It has Source-ground as fields above and below (not illustrated). The Certainty-systems also has clusters of point and line Source/Grounds considerably above and below it.This system, if clean and un-suppressed by anything else, can be used to project Certainty into the Physical-universe [1], but very few humans on earth have this energy-body in functional condition. To function well the Certainty-system needs to be willing to implement causative-creation but also to accept whatever happens, (most people are polarized on those).
elementsElements. The elements are incorrectly known as earth, air, fire and water, which is using Physical-universe labels for things which are Magick-universe [1] in nature. The original items are nothingness with the power to manifest anything (that item is the lower one), the upper one being Everything-already-created. The item in front of the body is really caused-creation (i.e. creation which flows) and the item behind the back is uncaused-creation (i.e. creation which just appears, without any link to any cause). These last two are usually the other way around for female bodies.This system provides energy for the body to use, and with practice can be used to provide energy to be projected outside the body (as in the flows of Chi projected by an experienced T’ai Chi practitioner), with the center of the system acting as a Source/Ground for energy flows, and which operates using specific spinning Magick-Universe-Matrix Triads [3]. The Elements have multiple line-sources/grounds going outwards from each of the 4 parts thus in some ways function more as four different things, than as a group.
elementsOrgone-system. This system has a vertical upward flow from the base of the spine to just below the Solar-plexus which is the Orgone-flow, and a small area at the Solar-plexus. The orgone-flow is vertical spacially, but can be experienced as tilted forwards conceptually (since it is a flow towards the future). The Orgone-flow can be seen as the flow of doing of goal-fulfillment (and can also be seen as an erotic energy), and the area at the Solar-plexus can be seen as “courage” if the Orgone-flow is in good condition (if in bad condition, the courage becomes cowardice).Below those parts, there are a variety of incoming flows of “fire-energy” (which are types of Eshu, illustrated in red) and a solidity up from below to between the ankles. Above the Solar-plexus is a less well-defined part of the system which approximates to goals-fulfilled.
Configuration of BasicsConfiguration of Basics. This body-system usually consists of 8 infinite vertical lines, each of which is a connection with one of the Physical-universe Matrix Level-of-8 items (which are some of the very basic elements of the Physical-universe Playing-field). Occasionally, one or more of the lines might be split into its 2 level-of-16 items if there is a lot of charge on that line. Each person has the 8 lines in a different spacial configuration (scattered throughout a space which approximates a vertical cylinder), which relates in some ways to personality and preferences.An example of the size of a configuration for a typical human is illustrated here (between 1 and 2 meters in diameter). When a person has removed most of the “spiritual-charge” from the body-systems (and Real-i) the spacial configuration will be much smaller, sometimes as small as a few inches in total diameter. The natural movement of the poles of the Configuration of Basics can be blocked due to unwillingness to contact the basic forces of the Physical-U.
8-connections8-connections. This system consists of connections to Source/Ground, instantaneously forming, vanishing and reforming in different directions. This system relates to use of power in the Physical-universe.
InfinitiesInfinities. This system consists of field connections to upper and lower infinities, and affects the use of exponentials by the body-systems.
Identity spaceIdentity-space. This is a space around the upper chest area, which links to a larger space containing many Identities. If Real-i is present (see below), then Real-i has a connection which is an infinite-line down to the top of the Identity-space.At the top of the Identity-space is a label which is the name of the Identity (Terminal in a Game). At the bottom of the Identity-space, there are connections to other body-systems and downwards to Morphic-fields. This forms the identity for the body, as a label for the Piece in the Physical-universe [1] Playing-field.An improved state for the Identity-space uses the availability of all possible Identities, inside the Identity-space, rather than a specific set of Identities there.
Life-joysticksLife-joysticks. This system consists of many lines (only 1 is illustrated), usually at a slight angle to the vertical, and located slightly above the head (extending about half a meter to the front and back of the head too).These have an influence on the flows of various aspects of the body in the Physical-universe and Magick-universe [1].
36-sphere36-Sphere. This body-system has a spherical surface (approximately the size illustrated) which has connections with the 36 items of the Magick-universe Matrix [3]. If in good condition, those 36 items will be constantly moving randomly around the surface of the sphere, and if the system is in good condition the energy of the sphere will reach all the way to the center of the sphere, and for a large distance outside what is illustrated here.A typical problem with this system, for most humans on earth at this time, is that they have the condition of the 36-Sphere inflowing only, which (as well as being a problem in itself) can cause additional problems in some circumstances, such as “rings of fire” around the body etc. If in good condition, this system should have slightly more outflow than inflow, and thus be slightly more cause than effect in relation to its environment.
Ori eshuConnection with Ori and Eshu. Ori is also known as “higher-self” and “Spiritus-Sanctus” (i.e. Holy Spirit), but the Ifá tradition defines it most clearly so I’ll use their label. Eshu is the chaos of all possible manifestations simultaneously (instantaneously flipping from one to another), which flows upwards through Lower-self.If the connection with Ori is present at the high power-level (which it is on less than half the humans on earth currently), then Real-i is also present (and Real-i will also make various other connections to the body, see below). Every particle in the Physical-universe [1] has a connection to Ori, but at a much lower power-level. If this strong connection with Ori is created, then a new Real-i will be formed as well as the additional-body-systems and connections that it uses, plus a strong connection with Eshu will naturally occur to balance the connection with Ori.Yeshua (later known as “Jesus”) and John-the-Baptist were creating this strong connection with Ori, original Yoga methods (little used currently) present ways to make this strong connection with Ori, and the Ifá processing includes creation (or cleaning and strengthening, if already present) of this connection. The T’ai Chi can also create connection with Ori, but this advanced T’ai Chi knowledge has almost died out on earth at this time. Some of the versions of Chi Kung present on earth at this time can occasionally form the connection with Real-i due to forming new Placed-spirit energy-bodies.Intuition is slight contact with Ori. This contact can be cleaned and strengthened to the point of Certainty on Truths about objective (shared) reality.

The connection with Ori can be seen as a figure-of-8, with a cross-over point about 30 cm above the head (not illustrated). As well as the connection with Main-Eshu (illustrated), each body also has what could be described as a “personal-Eshu” space.


The two vectors of Spirit. There are two separate mechanisms which result in the definition of a type of energy-field called “spirit”.These two different mechanisms are opposite vectors. One is placed down from above, and the other arising from below :

spirit-bodies]1) Spirit-placed-by-Real-i (not to scale). If Real-i (see below) is owning a body, it places 3 spherical Magick-plane energy-fields (spirit bodies). These (as definitions) are placed down into the Physical-universe by Real-i from senior to the Physical-universe. Although the current spirit-bodies used in the Physical-universe are formed of Magick-plane energy-fields, Real-i originally used Spirit to project the Real-i’s presence into the U-1-below-OP [1]. These Spirit-bodies are not the Real-i itself (the real-i could be referred to as “that which places Spirit”). They are centered on the belly-level.The spirit-bodies placed by Real-i are not illustrated to scale. The smallest one is typically 40 meters in diameter, the next one might be typically up to about thirty miles or so in size, and the biggest of the 3 might be planet-size or up to slightly larger than the Physical-universe playing-field (if clean). The three sizes relate to the vibrational-relationships Triad of the Magick-universe-Matrix [3] Each has linear connections to Source/Ground both vertically and horizontally (not illustrated).Each of the Placed-spirit-bodies has a lower-pole too (the upper pole is the one illustrated here). These Spirit-bodies placed by Real-i don’t (usually) decay at the death of the body (unlike the other body-systems), and can last for trillions of years or more, although they might shut down in some ways between lives. In their typical state (which includes certain aberrations), it might not be obvious that they are made of the same thing as Spirit-arising, but if cleared enough, it becomes obvious that the two things are placing the same thing: “spirit”, and there can ideally be good contact between Spirit-placed-by-Real-i and Spirit-arising, with both vectors flowing through each.
Spirit arising from body2) Spirit-arising. This is an energy-field which could also be described as  containing the “energy-personality” of that life-form. It is an energy-field approximately the shape of the torso, and contains what could be called  personality-definitions, including things which can generate emotions, feelings and some urges.When a body (including animal bodies) dies, the two parts usually left behind at the location where the body died (even if the body is moved later) are the Spirit-arising and the Soul-levels. Both usually decay within a few days, the Soul-levels returning their information downwards to the Morphogenetic-field of all Souls for that species (and other relevant MF’s), and the Spirit-arising dissipating and  splitting in search of locations related to the data (urges etc.) stored within and (usually) ceases to exist as a single thing. Most other energy-bodies usually dissipate naturally unless there is unacceptable trauma to them.Spirit arises continually at all scales and in all areas of the Physical-universe. It forms “a spirit” (a definition of area of spirit which acts as one thing) due to Morphic-field action (this definition concept also applies to Placed-spirit). Although some disembodied spirits were formerly part of a body, most never did. So all living things, including viruses and bacteria, have a spirit-arising. Non-living things also have spirit-arising.
Real-i connectionsConnections of the Real-i. Just under half the humans on earth also (as well as owning a body) have a real “self” which is far senior to the Physical-universe (and originates outside all universe). This Real-i (if present) has connections to various parts of the body-systems :The “ownership connection” : Real-i connects 2 poles of itself to the body in order to own to the particular human-body (as illustrated). The upper-pole typically connects from its source in the middle of the uncaused-creation-universe [1] (although the Real-i is senior to that), down through each universe between there and here, and links as an infinite energy-line into a small energy-field in the middle of the head (typically 1 inch or so in diameter for most humans on earth). The lower pole connects directly from its source, up through the Sacral-Eshu (at the base of the spine, which connects to 33-Sources in the Magick-universe [1]) which is somewhat like a hole through which the connection passes, up into the inside of an energy-field which defines “me”.This energy-field defines the inside (and thus outside) of a human individual, and is used to own the body. It is possible to make a much better connections, with the upper pole connected direct from ones presence in the 8Life-universe [1] to the belly area, and the lower pole connected to the Real-i’s presence just outside the Physical-universe Playing-field. At the time of writing, less than 14 people on earth have the connections in this improved condition. Additional connections of Real-i. (not illustrated). There is additionally a main Viewpoint of the Real-i in the Physical-universe [1] game, which is typically a small energy-field located at the center of the head, (or occasionally in another Brain if it is dominant). The precise meaning of “enlightenment”  describes what happens if this energy-field in the head is transformed so that it is above death on the scale of the Physical-universe, at which point it glows brightly (the experience is like a light-bulb turning on in that location) and is at that point typically slightly bigger than the head in size.There is a further stage of removal of aberrations pertaining to the main-viewpoint, so that it ceases being used as a “self” and becomes used as all beings. This results in a much larger size (typically many meters). There is also another connection, which is to an energy-field which can be called the “Real-i Located” which is centered on the upper belly. There is a connection to this direct from Real-i, which appears to have a downward vector (i.e. Real-i is considered to be “above” this energy-field, by the energy-field  itself). Control of the body by the Real-i acts through the back of the head. Real-i also connects to the top of the Identity-space, and to each of the Games-levels.Real-i also connects to Terminal-space which is infinite, centered on the chest area, and is about Beingness etc. The connections from the Real-i also come with a unique vibrational-signature (formed at the center of the uncaused-creation-universe [1]), which can be converted to a more ideal state of all-possible-vibrational-signatures (contact for more details of receiving this processing).
Existence-level (including Games-level) energy-bodies. These are not illustrated, one reason being that they vary considerably in size and shape for different people, and also that different people sometimes have different structures of Existence-levels.A Real-i will have all of the Existence-levels described below, although most of them are in an inactive state for most humans on earth. A Human-body which has no Real-i will usually be owned by one of the Players (and that Player is owned by a Real-i).A Human-body is used as a Piece in the Game of the Physical-universe.The games-levels such as “piece” and “player” can be seen as if it were a game of chess, where the piece is in the Playing-field, and the Player is outside the Playing-field, causing actions on Pieces.The games-levels include Piece, Player, and Games-engineering levels including Games-destroyer, Games-creator, Architect, Engineer, Games-designer and more specific design jobs such as designer of beings, designer of eco-systems etc. Then there are upper existence levels which are Presence in the Physical-u, then Creator/Destroyer and Presence in a larger sense, which is located outside any universe. There are also Games-levels which are located in the Playing-field of the Physical-universe, and of the 3 universes below it [1]. Each of these levels is a different energy-body, and the whole set is connected by an energy-beam running through them all (apart from the top-most Existence level which is outside all universes). Piece is in the Playing-field and is usually a Human body. Player and the Engineering levels are located in specific Magick-universe Planes of the Physical-universe. The Creator/Destroyer Existence-level for the Physical-universe, is located in the Magick-universe [1]. The create-destroy of those is done in very much the Magick-track sense, with destroy being clearing an area of old unwanted stuff to make room for new creations to be done cleanly. Piece is defined by a connection down to the Human-body, and that connection ends in the upper belly area. Anything  which experiences the Playing-field (i.e. what science calls the “universe”) is a Piece. Note that this Piece-connection is separate from the Identity-space, and from the Terminal-space, both of which help define the Piece.Player is an energy-body in a space in a specific area relating to a specific sub-game, such as a planet (e.g. earth). The Player-space of a planet such as earth is entirely full, so one Player can only expand its space by causing others around it to contract. Most Real-i’s on earth have their Player energy-body inactive, and of particle (almost zero) size. A Player naturally causes new content in Morphic-fields. Player can sometimes split into more than one level due to aberrations.The Engineering-levels relate both to the current Game in the Playing-field, and to the original creation of the game (and sub-games, such as eco-systems etc.).Most humans on earth have more “spiritual charge” on the Existence-levels (which include the Games-levels), than any other energy-body-system.

Connections with Morphogenetic Fields (MF’s). (These are not illustrated these as they don’t exist within the Playing-field of any universe [1]). A Morphogenetic-field (MF) is a group-energy-field, caused by different beings looking at the same thing from different  perspectives. Since the different body-systems are “looking at each other” that action forms a MF for the whole of the body-systems together. There are also many connections to other MF’s (such as beliefs, family, friends, country, species etc.), as well as due to the body being used as a Piece (i.e. inside the Playing-field) in the Physical-universe game(s). These MF connections mainly link to the other body-systems at a point somewhat below the legs.Many of the energy-bodies use input from the MF connections. For example the Volition, Decision and Causal systems all take input from the MF connections.

The ideal MF connection would be a connection to the MF of all-8Life-u [1] which is the “parent” MF to all other possible MF’s (i.e. it is the most senior of all MF’s), and would thus free the body from the limitations of any other specific MF combination (which are part of what forms a “personality”). This ideal condition is present on less than 20 humans on earth currently.

Original-self. This is a space below and slightly in front of the body, linked to the belly. It  contains definitions of the body and its characteristics, and relates to the initial state and origins of the body.

Body-personality-definitions. This system consists of 3 pairs of Physical-universe Matrix items [3]. The Ifá system works with this (see below).

Ancestors. In a sense, the ancestors can be seen as a body-system, with powers-supply connections and support-structures as other body-systems have.

Body-controller. The body-systems have an overall controller, centered in the belly area (although it has most of its own structures a few meters lower than that in its own space), which controls various functions of the body. This controller is in some ways the owner of the physical-body, and has communication-links to most other body- systems.

This controller desires to rise up to being a Real-i, and can be converted to a Real-i by giving it a strong connection to Ori, at around the time of the death of the body that it is currently controlling. A normal death will free the Body-controller so it will partially re-merge with the commonality of Body-controllers for that species, and some time later, find a new body to join.

Other lower body-systems. There are several other body-systems below the body, such as one which has one large area under the feet, two more below that (left and right) and a smaller part between solar-plexus and Tan Tien. This could be called the Organic-power body-system.

Transtemporal-body. This body-system is constantly vibrating (if in good condition) and relates to the Transtemporal-area which can be seen as a direct link between Higher-self and Lower-self. It is approximately spherical and a bit larger than the body.

Life-Core.There is a body-system which might be called the “Life-Core” which seems to be the basis around which other body-systems are formed during the developmental-incidents, and which should have connections to 8Life although most people have it connecting to Survival instead.

Essence-body. The Essence-body seems to be a direct result of the Universe-of-universe-generating-algorithms.

(Orbits). Some people see these as a “body-system”, but they are really a consequence of the power-supply connections (Source/Ground) of all body-systems. The way things work in the Magick-universe [1] means that any linear connection to Source/Ground (up/down) will cause circular flows where the two flows meet. These circular flows are the Orbits, and are generally horizontal (since most Source/Ground connections are vertical) and one could process the Orbits directly, thus improving the condition of the relevant body-systems. Sickness can be observed as damage to the Orbits, and handled by processing them.



Unwanted additions to the body-systems.


 MindsMind. This is difficult to illustrate, but is one’s personal copy of Thoughts and similar data, which is kept as a linked-group (typically a few meters wide) in an energy-field above the head, and all connected to the middle of the head. Other structures of the Mind-system as an energy-body include the Action-override, which is behind the back of the head, and if in ideal condition, supports actions by other body-systems, but can often be aberrated and thus suppress action in other body-systems, or even be in a positive-feedback condition of full-on, which can try to enforce 100% over-operation in other body-systems, which can be particularly dangerous for the Kundalini which has less limits than most body-systems.There is also a structure around the base of the neck which keeps a count of value, and a corresponding part around the throat area which stores a more abstract form of value count, and these would have a blue-ish energy if in good condition. Thoughts that one thinks are typically drawn from this personal-copy of Thoughts (i.e. Thoughts-Mind), although the originals do exist elsewhere and can be used instead which is preferable, thus one would be able to erase the Thoughts-Mind entirely. (Note that Thoughts (individual datums) are different from thinking (logic etc.)).The reason why this connection to Thoughts-Mind is negative, is that it is a poor substitute for direct awareness of objective (shared) reality, which is possible for some of the Body-systems, and for Real-i directly, if in good enough condition. The Action-override can exist in a better condition if the Thoughts-Mind is erased.
Other beings. Most human bodies have large numbers of other beings attached to the body. There are various types of these, the majority being very small simple beings (each holding a single datum) who are not complex enough to own a body of their own. These small ones can sometimes generate small electric shocks to the other body-systems as well as exaggerating other aberrations.There are also often a small number of larger beings (Real-i’s who are currently disembodied and attached to someone else’s body due to aberrations) and some beings in a reversed state (i.e. what is “up” to Spirit, is “down” to them, and vice-versa), and some which are a spirit joined to a reversed-being. One common type of unwanted additional being on the body-systems is a fake Body-controller. This can be erased (although it is vital not to erase the real one). Various processing techniques and some types of energy-work remove various types of these.

Energy-beams. Most human bodies have various unwanted energy-beams impinging on various energy-bodies.

Reversals, Blockages, voids, and other problems. Most humans will have various aberrations such as Reversed-flows, energy-blockages or energy-voids, in most of the energy-bodies. There will also be other forms of aberration, including linkage to negative events, unwanted vibrational-configurations, fixed-datums and other unwanted structures (see below for details on how to learn how to fix these, or how to find someone who can).Examples of common problems in energy-bodies include fear which is often an inversion of the 3rd chakra and/or problems with Belly-Brain), and despondency which is often a poor condition of the Lifeforce-Eshu. Another example is a “personality-type”, which is largely a set of limitations, which is largely specified by the imbalance between different Brains (one usually  dominating).

Reversals make functionality impossible, because they mean that one consistently gets the opposite of ones intentions, or the opposite of what would make sense in a situation. Ignorance of Reversals is the main reason why “positive thinking” (including “The Secret”) etc. will fail for anyone with significant aberrations (i.e. anyone who is Reversed on a particular topic, so the more they do “positive thinking” on that topic, the more NEGATIVES they will receive in that area).

The real cause of about 80% of “clinical insanity”and other “mental” problems is Main-Eshu rising up the body higher than the base of the spine where it should be connected. When Main-Eshu gets as high as the Heart-Brain and another structure in the Solar-plexus that can cause panic-attacks and other problems, and if Main-Eshu gets significant contact with Head-Brain, that is “insanity”.


Improvements and desired additions:


 Improvements. For nearly everyone on earth, all the body-systems (i.e. energy-bodies and meat-and-bones body) can have their  conditions and states improved to a significant extent. An example of these improvements is that most body-systems typically have a “self” concept in their usual aberrated state for humans on earth, but can be much improved by the connection of all-beings of the infinite-life-universe [1] (and it’s other-pole, all-Eshu).While there are many existing methods which make some improvements, they nearly all suffer from the same problem which is that each system only works with one, or at most a few, of the many body-systems. Since a lot of the aberrations of the body-systems  exist in the relationship between one body-system and another, they are thus are not addressed effectively by any of the existing improvement methods.Chris and Max (the authors of this document) are very unusual in that they have the awareness and ability to work with (or help others work with) all of the body-systems and their relationships (and the complex and wide-ranging aberrations of the Real-i).A notable exception to the above disadvantage of specialization is the secret advanced levels of T’ai Chi (although the beginning levels of T’ai Chi work with the Brains (not the chakras as is usually assumed, even by “Tai-Chi masters”) the very advanced levels work with all body-systems and the Real-i), but they are not currently being taught on earth (as no-one following the T’ai Chi pathway is advanced enough to be ready for them), and this is not an efficient alternative (it typically takes around 180 lifetimes of T’ai Chi on average work to be ready for these advanced levels, while the same changes can be made in a typically a few decades of the processing methods used and taught by Chris and Max).

The aberrations on the Real-i mean that only a handful of humans on earth are currently in a condition where they have an effective degree of awareness and ability to work with all the body-systems (and the Real-i, which is not a body-system, although very strongly linked to the body) and only Max is currently offering processing of all these systems.To work effectively with the energy-bodies oneself, one would need to process the Real-i to the point where it has clear and direct awareness (with Certainty) of all the body-systems and the ability to discreate and create any of them directly (for approaches to learning all this for yourself, see the note [2] below). Someone who has reached that condition (which is sometimes achievable in a few decades of effective work using the approaches we suggest) would not need to learn any theory about the body-systems as they would be able to observe them (and their aberrations) directly. Any learned theoretical system is a (poor) substitute for real direct observation, as no theory will ever fully match the complex and constantly changing details of reality (also most theories to some extent deviate from the reality they describe, often significantly) .If one wants to have problems with one’s body-systems fixed, then one can get someone else to do this (if that someone-else has the necessary awareness and ability). 

Max ( is the only practitioner offering effective  processing of the full range of energy-bodies (and Real-i) currently, although a lesser degree of improvement is certainly possible by using one or more of the existing improvement-systems.Note that almost all problems in life will have components on some of the body-systems (and the relationships between them) and in the Real-i. This includes problems with the meat-and-bones body-system, which can be dramatically improved by improving the energy-bodies (and Real-i) which are very interdependent with it.

Desired additions. (A few examples of desirable additions to the energy-bodies):

Ifá. The Ifá is (in its pure form) an improvement-system which improves the conditions of the connections to Ori and Eshu (or adds them if they are not present), as well as providing information on the Body-personality-definitions and effective methods of working with the Physical-universe Matrix [3]. For effective practical experience of the Ifá system, please contact Max (

Infinite-OKness. Infinite-OKness has 2 poles and can be applied to most of the body-systems, and is an acceptance of all possibilities. Few practitioners on earth currently are aware of this possibility. There are also several different overall energy-vibrational levels for all the body-systems.

Reiki. Reiki adds symbols within the energy-fields of the body-systems. These symbols are used to link to the desirable state of the originator of the Reiki system. Reiki can be one of the most rapidly effective improvement systems for energy-bodies, since it connects one to desired states and abilities rather than taking the time to develop these things oneself from scratch (as most other energy-body  improvement-systems do). Although Reiki works with the main set of chakras only, it could (if one has enough awareness and ability, and chooses to look for oneself rather than blindly follow what others say) be applied to the chakra-sets for Astral-body and Etheric-double too.

Shamanism. Becoming a Shaman (the only genuine initiation is the one which happens to you naturally and spontaneously when you get other parts of yourself up to a suitable condition) is an addition of a specific beingness in a specific location connected to the body-systems. One can also learn various Shamanic traditions which call and use specific Spirits to give advice and work with other spirits etc.

Ayahuasca. Use of the Ayahuasca plants results in the formation of a connection to two specific beingnesses in specific locations, which in  turn connect to the Astral-body and connect it strongly to experiences of the early-magick-universe [1]. Note that (as with any effect on the body-systems) the same effect can be created knowingly by a Real-i capable of doing so (i.e. one can manifest the required beings, and their connections directly, (if Real-i is capable of doing so) without the use of the plants).

Kabala, Shambalah, Merkabah. These three are different uses of additions within the space of the energy-bodies. The pure Kabala (, practical experience of this is available) is a system which places  ones attention in the Magick-universe [1], and to the ability to manifest from there. Note that traditional systems on earth such as “Kabbalah”, “Quabbalah” (and other spellings) etc. have little or nothing to do with the practical use of the pure energy-systems themselves (which you can experience with The (pure) Merkabah is an energy-generating system which generates Magick-universe [1] energies that the energy-bodies can use, and thus can sometimes help the body-systems improve their conditions to some degree. The Shambalah works by using a specific kind of random energy to dissipate the Physical-universe structures formed on top of the Magick-universe, thus leaving you in the Magick-universe.

Rhumba, Samba, etc. The original forms of these dances (still performed effectively in a few locations) produce significant effects on the energy-bodies.

T’ai Chi and Chi Kung (Qui Gong). These systems get one working with flows of Chi. Some of these systems also work specifically on the Brains (which they call “chakras”) and some of the other body-systems. Use of these systems can significantly improve the condition of body-systems, and also create a Real-i (if one is not already present on the body) and remove aberrations of the Real-i if the secret advanced knowledge is used (no-one on earth is delivering that currently).



 Notes and reference:
 Note that the body-systems detailed above are the body-systems in this Physical-universe, but a Real-i will have a different set of body-systems in each of the universes.

[1] Universes(illustrations and data on the whole chain of universes).

[2] Suggested processing approaches, see (for improvements in Real-i and energy-bodies).

[3] Physical-universe Matrix and Magick-universe Matrix (i.e. the fundamental building-blocks of which these universes are made). To learn about the Physical-universe Matrix, either do the necessary work with the Ifá (see page 2/3 and contact Max ( for this), and/or do the necessary pre-requisites to work with it using Clearing principles (see [2]). When one has got extensive experience with the Physical-universe-Matrix, one might be able to work with the Magick-Universe-matrix.

[4] Discussion-forum and access to a substantial archive of further data on energy-bodies and related subjects, including notifications of any updates to the material on this site (we are regularly finding more data on energy-bodies as research continues).



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