Energy Bodies (subtle bodies), intro and index.

The definitive guide to energy-bodies (aka. subtle bodies), introduction and index.

All the data on this website comes from direct observations by Chris ( ) and Max Sandor ( ), and will be continually updated as our ongoing research progresses.

Note, the energy-body illustrations (and descriptions) on this site are simplified, showing the main parts of each system rather than full details (for more details, and to join in discussion of energy-bodies and related subjects, see the links at the bottom of each page on this site). For example most parts of each energy-body have both a pervasive and a linear Source/Ground (some of which are mentioned in the text below, some not).

Warning: Making mistakes processing any of these body-systems can kill or damage the body, so take care, and if you are not certain you know what you are doing and can rapidly fix any problems, develop your own awareness and ability (see Suggested approaches to your own self-development), and/or work with someone who does (see below).

Disclaimer (and advice on how to use this website): All information on this website is intended to point to directions you might want to look for yourself, not to present “facts” to believe, so any problems resulting from your believing or disbelieving, looking or mis-looking, using or mis-using the info presented on this website (or anything derived from it) are entirely your own responsibility.

Index to energy-bodies:

A) Energy-bodies which are known (to some degree) by other spiritual technologies on earth at this time:

Bones and meat (etc.) (not an energy-body).

These are what western medicine is somewhat familiar with and are in the Physical-universe Playing-field, unlike all the other body-systems below (all of which are in the Magick-universe planes of the Physical-universe unless otherwise specified).

The meat-body can be seen mostly as separate (although joined) left and right halves.

Chakras: see our Chakras page for full details (of all the chakras illustrated here.)
Kundalini: see our Kundalini page for full details (which includes 2 stages beyond what other current systems consider to be an “awakened” Kundalini).

Meridians: see our Meridians page for full details.

Astral-body: see our Astral-body page for full details (including how the Astral-body relates to dreaming and ghosts).

Etheric-double: see our Etheric-double page for full details.

Auras: see our Auras page for full details.

“Brains”: see our Brains page for full details of this very significant energy-body (sometimes known as the “Triune Brain System”) (note that this is not the physical brain, but an energy-body system).


Note that Spirit and Soul are both really energy-bodies, but are so mis-understood in the world today that the data on them will be presented below, in the section for energy-bodies which are not clearly known by significant spiritual systems on earth at this time.


B) Other Energy-bodies . . .

Spirit: the two vectors of Spirit, etc.

Soul: the soul-levels.

Real-i connections.

Real-i is not an energy-body, it is the will and awareness that is the essence of the real, most senior “self” possible for a human (and things senior to humans). If it connects to a human body, it produces certain changes to energy-bodies etc.

Connection with Ori and Eshu (Higher-self and the chaos out of which creation arises).

Existence-levels (including Games-level) energy-bodies.
Player-cross (a cross-shaped energy-body relating to Games levels).

Spinal-Eshus (essential for the functioning of the Brains, and other body-systems).

The Warriors (protection and intention into the future, giving and receiving).
Elements (incorrectly seen as earth, air, fire and water).

One&Multiple system (relating to oneness and multiplicity).
Certainty-system (relating to certainty and creation).
Orgone-system (relating to courage and fulfillment)
Life-joysticks (influencing relationships with various things in the Playing-fields).
36-Sphere (helps effective use of the Magick-universe planes).
Body-controllers (an important energy-body, controlling many aspects of the meat-and-bones body).

Causal-systems: Motivation-system, Volition-system, Decision-system, Life-system, Existence-system, Causal-presence. (These are related energy-bodies so it makes sense to talk about them together).

Connections-systems: Configuration of Basics, 8-connections, Infinities.

Other energy-bodies and connections etc.: Connections with Morphogenetic Fields (MF’s), Original-self, Body-personality-definitions, Ancestors, Transtemporal-body, Life-Core, Essence-body, Other lower body-systems, (Orbits).


Unwanted additions to the body-systems, including details of Thoughts-Mind, other beings, energy-beams, reversals, blockages, and voids.

Improvements and desirable additions, including information about Ifá, Reiki, shamanism, Ayahuasca, Kabala, Shambalah, Merkabah, Rhumba, Samba, T’ai Chi and Chi Kung (Qui Gong).

References for the terms used on this website:

Universes (information on the chain of universes that we are in).

Magick-universe Matrix (the building-blocks of this universe).

Ifá (a valuable spiritual and magick system, especially when the clean and extended version is used). The terms Ori and Eshu come from this tradition.

Suggested approaches for self-development.

Morphic-fields (MF’s) (why groups can be very different from the sum of their parts, and how MF’s determine reality in this universe).

Real-i: not an energy-body, it is the will and awareness that is the essence of the real, most senior “self” possible for a human (and things senior to humans). If it connects to a human body (as is true for slightly less than half the humans on earth at this time), it produces certain changes to energy-bodies etc.

Eshu: the chaos at the bottom of the scale of created-things, out of which creation arises.